McFadden Machine Ultimate Clip Loader

Product Description

Proven to fit Ruger Mark II, III, .22/45

Proven to fit Colt Woodsman

Proven to fit Old Military High Standard

Proven to fit Newer High Standard

Proven to fit Browning Buckmark

Imported from USA

How to load a Ruger mag in as little a 3 seconds....The nearly famous Ultimate Clip Loader Easily load your favorite
pistol magazine in seconds and saving your thumbs and fingers from abuse. Ultimate Clip Loader holds 50 rounds of .22
ammo and speed loads .22 auto pistol magazines such as Ruger Mark II, III, .22/45, Colt Woodsman Mag., Old Military High
Standard, Newer High Standard, and Browning Buckmark Pistols in just seconds. Simply pour lose rounds into the Ultimate
Clip Loader, shake loader to align cartridges, press the empty magazine into loader pump the magazine in and out
slightly and extract. Wow, now you know how to load a Ruger mag in 3 seconds! Made in the USA from virtually
indestructible polycarbonate. A shooters favorite discover the secret for yourself! Get one now before we sell out!
Check the list for your pistol if it's not listed it doesn't fit we have tested and tried just about every mag out there
for you and this is the list that has PROVEN to work with the Ultimate Clip Loader trust the list! Does not work with
the Ruger SR22

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