US Army Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Marker Gun Sniper Set - Black

by Tippmann

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  • Tippmann US Army Paintball Marker kit with everything you need to play paintball.
  • The Tippmann U S Army paintball marker is the indiustry leading scenario marker.
  • Includes a 20 oz Aluminum CO2 tank, Genx XVSN goggle, 200 round hopper, 6+1 harness with tubes, remote coil, and gun oil
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  • This kit includes everything you need to get started playing paintball, including the Tippmann US Army Alpha Black
    Tactical marker, tank, loader, harness, extra paint tubes, neck guard, and goggles.

    The US Army Alpha Black Tactical marker offers durability, reliability, and realism at an affordable price. The marker
    features an M16-style, six-position collapsible stock and shroud with built-in sight. An 11-inch barrel, integrated
    carry handle, and removable magazine that doubles as a tool kit add to the overall military appearance. Additional
    features include an inline bolt system, all-aluminum die-cast receiver, stainless steel gas line, and quick-release
    feeder elbow.