Puzzle Buddy 1500 Jigsaw Puzzle Mat (Size: 42" X 24") NEW

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Product Description

Size: 42 inch x 24 inch fills up to 1500 pieces

Ideal use for space saving solution for safely storing unfinished puzzles

Non-slip synthetic felt mat

High density fiber core roll up tube with end caps for storage

Free puzzle box stand included

Puzzle Buddy is a simple and easy way to safely secure your unfinished jigsaw puzzle. Roll out the non-slip, synthetic
felt mat on a flat surface and assemble your puzzle. When you need your table space, roll up the mat, fasten with the
low-profile Velcro straps and store your project it for another day. When you're ready to resume, unroll the mat and
continue assembly. It's that easy! The Puzzle Buddy puzzle uses a fiber-core roll up tube that's designed to displace
the pressure points of puzzle pieces, which prevents bending. The mat's durably is made to withstand repeated use,
making it one of the best jigsaw puzzle accessories on the market today.