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Product: 279796

Aqua Sphere Seal Swim Mask

Product Description

High-quality swim mask with easy-to-adjust buckles

Dive-quality silicone skirt provides comfortable, watertight fit

Curved lens provides 180-degree, distortion-free peripheral vision

Protected by anti-scratch exterior and anti-fog interior coatings

Available with clear or tinted lens; blocks 100 percent of UV rays

Imported from USA

The best-fitting swim goggle on the market, the Aqua Sphere Seal swim mask was first celebrated by Ironman triathletes,
who praised its comfortable, watertight fit and easy-to-adjust buckles. However, these high-quality features soon became
apparent to fitness and recreational swimmers as well, who use the goggles for swimming, jet skiing, surfing, and more.
The Seal mask sports a dive-quality silicone skirt that's snug and secure, along with a patented curved lens that
provides 180-degree peripheral vision without distortion. In addition, the Plexisol lens is protected by anti-scratch
coating on the outside and an anti-fog coating on the inside, so you can easily see other swimmers in the water ahead.
Finally, the mask is guaranteed to block 100 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays. Add the features together and you
have a mask that lets you concentrate on your workout and not your equipment.

The Seal mask is available with two lens types: clear lenses, which are designed to provide the greatest visibility
while swimming indoors or in low-light conditions, and tinted lenses, which are better when swimming outdoors or in
bright light.

About Aqua Sphere
Established in the mid-'90s, Aqua Sphere has done more than any other company to improve the world of eye protection
for swimmers. Aqua Sphere has been responsible for such products as Seal, the first swim mask featuring 180-degree
vision, and Kaiman, the first panoramic goggle. Based in Vista, California, all Aqua Sphere eyewear is made exclusively
at the company's facility in Genoa, Italy.