• ADVANCED METAL ALLOY BRUSHES - Eliminates the need for multiple brush heads, works to clean clubface completely without scratching and strong enough to clean cleats.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Both the brush and retractable mechanism feature sturdy construction.
  • RETRACTABLE CORD - Provides easy access throughout your round.
  • GROOVE CLEANING TOOL - Cleans hard to reach dirt that builds up in the grooves of your clubs and breaks up caked-on mud.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Easy to grip and effectively clean your clubs.
  • Imported from USA.
The Groove Dr. Retractable brush and groove tool from ProActive Sports allows you to maintain the grooves on your clubfaces for the control and precision they were intended for. Constructed with advanced metal matrix alloy construction, the tool will not damage the clubface, yet will allow you to clean out the grooves with surgical precision. This model features a convenient retractable cord that allows you to attach the tool to your golf bag for quick and easy use. This is a great tool for cleaning your cleats out as well.