• KAOS GET SOAKED. Elevate your water balloon fun to new levels! Kaos Water Splasher for kids reinvents the traditional water balloon fight by taking it to a whole new dynamic level of "getting soaked"..
  • HAVE FUN LONGER - NO RESIDUAL IMPACTS It is more fun playing with more water balloons. You get a giant 500 pack bundle of biodegradable latex water balloons bulk. So theyre super environmentally friendly. If pieces get left in the backyard, the biodegradable material will just disintegrate safely on its own.
  • CONVENIENT FILLING WITH 2 INCLUDED KAOS WATER BALLOON FILLERS. No more struggling to fit the balloon over the end of the faucet. The water balloon filler is designed to make filling your water bombs fast, easy and fun. Not just one, but two faucet fillers so you and your opponent are ready to get out there and make a big splash. You can fill your water bombs anywhere. Bombs Away..
  • COMPETITION UNLEASHED - 2 DIFFERENT TEAM COLORS. Gather a big group of your friends together and split them into two teams. Play water balloon games and team activities. Make up your own new team sports games! Colors will vary.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL YOUR HOT WEATHER FUN. Kaos Water Splashers water balloons aim to make summer awesome by lasting longer, popping wetter, and tossing further. Perfect for your beach bash party, team buildings, picnics and family bondings.
  • Imported from USA.
Get Soaked in a Splash! Looking for ideas to cool off with the summer heat? Your Kaos Water Splashers are made to fill your fun adventure playfully wet and cool! Play individual or team water balloon games and stick to the plan or just sneak up and get your attack on! Fill up as many Kaos Water Splashers as you can handle and let everyone get as soaked as possible! Unleash your own type of water warfare with Kaos Water Splashers. Play and pop on with our water bombs together with the whole neighborhood. Play the russian roulette water balloon game! Wait, nobody has to die but you will have a good chance of getting wet. You may want to try hide and seek! Just tag your opponents with a water balloon. Well, you just can't get enough with Kaos Water Splashers. Make up your own games of skill, fun or competition with them. Since the balloons are biodegradable, this could be the most fun you have all summer. Set up a weekly game without worrying about if you miss pieces during clean up. All you need is your water and your Kaos Water Splashers 500 ct package. Or two. Or three. Kill the boredom, and beat the heat! Order your Kaos Water Splashers now; schedule your first weekly game. Go ahead - create some memories and fun!

500ct Water Splashers Water Bombs Team Tubes Balloons -Biodegradable