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I Just Like to Make Things: Learn the Secrets to Making Money while Staying Passionate about your Art and Craft Spiral-bound – February 1, 2013

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Lilla Rogers was a full-time, highly successful illustrator beginning in 1984 with clients ranging from the
New York Times, Takishamaya, Barneys New York, and Levi’s. She had agents in Tokyo, Paris, and New York. In 1994 her top
students asked her to represent them. Since that time, Lilla Rogers Studio has become one of the most respected
illustration agencies in the US, with clients in Europe and Asia and known for setting trend. Being an illustrator and
teacher allows Lilla the unique position of helping her artists grow as she fully understands the creative process and
how to nurture the best in each artist. She has lectured internationally at conferences and trade shows, such as the
Illustration Conference (ICON) and PrintsourceNewYork, colleges and corporations, and is interviewed for her expertise
as an agent, trendsetter, and artist. She lives in Arlington, MA. Visit her online at

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Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

People Buy Your Joy
It's All About Having Fun With the Process

You are a creative person. That's wonderful! That's a gift. But to have a fabulous and lucrative creative career, you
want to drill down to the essence of your creative passion. You want to remember why you're doing what you're doing
because you can get pulled away and lose sight of the reason you're so smitten with making art. Heck, you got into this
crazy business because you just love making things.

Whether you're a newbie or an old pro, you want to be sure your grand plan is about feeding your soul so you can be
refreshed and inspired. Staying inspired is the best thing for your career, your artwork, and your psyche. Why? Because
passion sells. People buy your joy.

As an art agent, I know that my busiest artists are the ones who are having the most fun. They know how to tap into that

I hope you'll have fun scribbling and jotting thoughts on the journal prompt pages and play sheets in this chapter. I've
made them specifically to keep you inspired and remind you of the pleasure of creating. Get ready for some discovery!

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