The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature (Dover Art Instruction)

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  • Learn to draw animal forms
  • All levels learn draw animal forms
  • Ken Hultgren
  • Disney animator
  • student, amateur, professional
  • "You'll learn everything there is to learn about drawing animals." — Collectors' Corner
    This thoughtful and incisive guidebook, written by a former animator for Walt Disney Studios, will help artists at many
    skill levels improve their ability to draw a wide variety of animal forms both realistically and as caricatures.
    You'll learn why the author considers construction, action analysis, and caricature all-important for a clear
    understanding of animal anatomy and movement. You'll also benefit from Mr. Hultgren's expert
    advice and tips on catching the essential movement and character of animals and avoiding the stiff, wooden poses that
    are the frequent and unfortunate result of much sketching of animals from life. Throughout, the emphasis is on
    construction drawings (there are over 700 line illustrations and halftones) rather than on text. This means the student
    is able to view the development process of the drawing by example rather than theory or description.
    The book begins with introductory chapters on the special techniques of drawing animals, the use of line, establishing
    mood and feeling, conveying action, and brush techniques. Mr. Hultgren then turns to individual animal forms — horses,
    deer, cats, cows and bulls, giraffes, camels, gorillas, pigs, and many more. His instruction on animal caricature will
    be especially valuable to the legions of artists avidly interested in the subject.
    The Art of Animal Drawing belongs in the library of any artist — student, amateur, or professional — who is interested
    in drawing animals.


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