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RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Study Guide (Exams EX200 & EX300), 6th Edition (Certification Press)

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"Certification Book of the Week: 'RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Study Guide'
While its primary purpose is to serve as a study guide, the book doubles equally well as a reference ... All in all, it
is a great book and one that anyone working with RHEL 6 will want to have. "

Emmett Dulaney, Associate Professor, in a review at

RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Study Guide, 6th Ed is "also a very useful book if you simply need to learn more
about administering Red Hat Linux systems in your workplace...I like the conciseness of this book."

Reprinted with permission from WServerNews dot com

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From the Author

When I saw the changes that Red Hat announced in November of 2010, I knew that I'd have to make serious
revisions for the 6th edition. When Red Hat revised those objectives again a month later, I restarted the revision
process to make sure I included complete coverage of every objective.

To address the new RHCSA certification, the changes to the RHCE objectives, as well as the new features included in Red
Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6), I've rewritten and added hundreds of pages of new material. I actually had to delete a
couple of hundred pages of now unrelated material from the fifth edition to make room.

Every command in this book has been tested on a RHEL 6 system. Much of this book has also been tested on the freely
available Scientific Linux 6, built from RHEL 6 source code. (You don't have to buy RHEL 6 to prepare for the Red Hat
exams.) While the best way to prepare for the RHCSA and RHCE exams is with Red Hat's prep courses, I hope you'll find
this book to be invaluable in your studies and on the job.

The book describes how you can satisfy the latest objectives for both the RHCSA and RHCE exams. At over 1000 pages, it
includes detailed descriptions on how to configure real-world systems based on those objectives. Due to the hands-on
nature of the exam, the book includes 109 labs. (That's nearly double the number of labs in the fifth edition.)

Red Hat's director of certification has stated that exam tasks will be "presented electronically". To reflect this
change, most lab questions and all four sample exams are available only on the CD, in the subdirectories for each
chapter. (All labs in Chapter 1 and one lab in Chapter 2 are still shown in the printed book.)

When I used the fifth edition to teach a Linux course, I realized how important it is to have separate chapters for the
RHCSA and the RHCE. It took a bit of extra time, but I hope you agree that it's worth it. If you want to study for the
RHCSA first, focus on Chapters 1 through 9. To study for the RHCE, read Chapters 10 through 17. Every chapter includes
at least 12 fill-in-the-blank review questions to help you confirm mastery of this material. In addition, Chapters 1 and
2 include instructions on how to use Red Hat's KVM software to create the virtual machines to set up test scenarios for
both exams.

As suggested by the RHCSA and RHCE objectives, the "performance-based testing means that candidates must perform tasks
similar to what they must perform on the job". Security, especially SELinux, is more important than ever. This book
describes the RHCSA-level tools needed to configure KVM, to automate installations, to customize how a system boots, to
set up different filesystems, to administer users, to update packages, and more. Of course, it also addresses the RHCE
skills associated with servers for e-mail, web sites, Samba, NFS, FTP, NTP, and Logging. For both exams, you'll learn to
configure firewalls and SELinux in all the detail that you'll need.

Thank you, and good luck!

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