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Product: 286791

Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Strategy Guide

Product Description

Imported from USA


Dark Souls is back and it's darker and more difficult than ever. This time death is certain. Every minute. The Dark
Souls II Collector's Edition Guide is here to light a path through the darkness and to help free players from their
wicked curse.

From the same team that created the critically acclaimed Dark Souls guide comes the most anticipated strategy guide for
the most unforgiving game of the year.

Area Guide Walkthrough
This chapter uses beautiful, detailed maps to guide you in exploring every inch of the game's huge world. It will take
you through each area point-by-point, preparing you for ambushes, revealing NPCs and shortcuts, and highlighting every
last item along the way.

Enemy Analysis
To succeed, you must know your enemy. Learn how to evade, block or parry their most lethal attacks, and how to strike
back hardest with strategies for melee, magic and long range fighters. For every enemy, their locations, story
significance, key stats, item drops... all will be revealed.

Weapons & Equipment
Weapons, Armor and Magic are all covered in exhaustive detail. Full stats, locations, upgrade paths and usage strategies
are provided so you can easily compare all of the options when choosing which equipment to use and how to upgrade your

Item Data
Complete item lists reveal every last consumable, accessory, upgrading material and offensive item. Quickly discover
where to find each one, how to make the most of them, and how to defend yourself when they are used against you!

Plentiful Extras
Want to follow every NPC's quest to the end, pillage the most hidden areas and unlock every Trophy/Achievement?
Everything you need is here, including easy-to-follow tables that detail NPC events, Covenants and New Game+