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Product: 286812

Windows 8.1 Quick Reference Guide: Introduction (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts - Laminated)

Product Description

Imported from USA

Four page laminated quick reference guide showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Microsoft
Windows 8.1. Includes touch interface. This guide is suitable as a training handout, or simply an easy to use reference
guide, for any type of user.

WARNING: This product has been discontinued. It has been replaced by Windows 8.1 Update Introduction (978-1939791221).
This is the equivalent card to the one on this page, but written for the substantial Update that was released in early
April. Microsoft is urging all users of Windows 8.1 to ensure this update is installed by June 10, 2014, or risk not
receiving future patches. (If you have shut down and search buttons at the top right of your Start screen, then you have
the Update.)

Topics include:

Getting Started: Starting Windows & Login; The Start Screen; Desktop Apps & Windows Store Apps; Accessing the Desktop;
Starting a Desktop or Windows Store App; Switching Between Apps and Desktop Windows - Using the Switch List; Closing a
Windows Store App; Closing a Desktop Window or App; Windows Charms, Using the Share Charm; Searching; Working with
Multiple Monitors; Showing Multiple Apps Side-by-Side (Snapping); Resizing an App Window; Maximizing an App to Full
Screen; Opening Files, Folders and Libraries; Saving a Document; Using the Shortcut Menu; Showing Windows Store App
Commands and Navigation.

Organizing Tiles & Apps: Creating a Tile Group; Naming a Tile Group; Rearranging Start Screen Tiles; Resizing Start
Screen Tiles; Adding an App Tile to the Start Screen.

Working on the Desktop: Pinning a Desktop App to the Taskbar; Using Taskbar Jump Lists (Recently Used Files, Pinned
Files, Common Tasks); Pinning Files to Taskbar Jump Lists; Switching Between Windows Using the Taskbar; Resizing a
Desktop Window; Moving a Desktop Window; Maximizing a Desktop Window; Hiding a Desktop Window (Minimize); Using the
Notification Area (Printing, Security, Sound, etc.).

File Management: Folders, Libraries & Favorites: Starting File Explorer; Working with the Ribbon; Navigation Pane,
Preview Pane & Details Pane; Changing How Items are Displayed: Changing Views, Grouping & Sorting; Navigating Folders in
File Explorer; Creating a Folder; Renaming Files or Folders; Opening a Second Explorer Window; Working with Libraries;
Selecting Multiple Items, Selecting with Checkboxes; Deleting Files or Folders; Moving and Copying Files and Folders,
Moving and Copying with Cut, Copy & Paste; Adding a Folder or Library to Favorites; Creating a Shortcut to a Document,
Folder, or Other Item; Searching in File Explorer; Burning to a CD/DVD; Pinning to Start; Zipping Files or Folders.

Settings & Troubleshooting: Using the Settings Charm; Using the Control Panel; Setting up WiFi; Using Airplane Mode;
What to Try if an App Freezes.

Users & Security: Viewing a Password While Typing; Changing Users; Ending your Windows Session; Changing Login Password
or Creating a Picture or PIN Password; Getting Help.

Also includes a "Top 8 Things you Need to Know" list, a list of Keyboard Shortcuts, and a list of Mouse/Touch