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    Three Reasons to Upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

    Windows 8 already runs on more than 100 million computers
    worldwide, but many Windows 8 owners feel lost in this strange
    new operating system. Fast forward one year later, and Microsoft
    has released Windows 8.1, a replacement to Windows 8. It's easily
    an improvement.

    In fact, here are three reasons Windows 8 owners should upgrade
    to Windows 8.1.

    Windows 8.1 is free

    Owners of older Windows versions must pay to upgrade to
    Windows 8.1, but Windows 8 and Windows RT owners can upgrade to
    Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT without charge. To download and
    install the free upgrade, open the Windows Store app from the
    Start screen. Then start the upgrade with a click or tap on the
    "Update to Windows 8.1 for Free" option.

    It's easier to stay on the desktop

    Windows 8 constantly forced people to switch between Windows
    8's two personalities: the traditional Windows desktop, and the
    strange new Start screen and its world of touch-oriented apps.

    After installing Windows 8.1, desktop lovers can spend more time
    on the desktop, insulated from the Start screen. Windows 8.1 lets
    you boot straight to the desktop, skipping the Start screen
    completely. Accordingly, Start screen lovers can prolong their
    stay on the Start screen, as its settings area now includes many
    features formerly limited to the desktop.

    SkyDrive storage

    Many people access their files from a variety of computers and
    devices. They may want to create a trip itinerary on their PC,
    but be able to access it on the fly from their phone. Other
    people need to access key files from the office. Many want access
    to their Desert Island Discs from any computer, tablet or phone.
    Microsoft's solution is SkyDrive, a free online storage space
    available from every folder in Windows 8.1. By storing your most
    important files on SkyDrive, you can read and update them from
    any computer, tablet or phone. Update your SkyDrive files from
    any computer or device, and those updated files are available to
    all of your other devices. Windows 8.1 includes seven gigabytes
    of free online storage space.

    Windows 8.1 offers many other perks, including the return of the
    Start button, and its App store now holds more than 100,000 apps.
    Facebook finally jumped in with its official Facebook app.
    Windows 8.1 shaves off Windows 8's rough edges, making it much
    less cumbersome to use.

    If you're running Windows 8, you'll find Windows 8.1 to be a
    great improvement over Windows 8.