• The amount you will receive will become about 16 cups total of hydrated water pearls. The gels are packaged in two jumbo bags with each hydrating into about 8 cups of JellyBeadZ®gel each. A complete set of instructions is included with every order..
  • The Transparent Water Gels is a good source of water for fresh cut flowers or plants. They pair beautifully with the pearl beads and almost any other decoration..
  • The oversized floating pearl beads are the hottest trend in centerpieces! You can use our transparent water gels to float the pearl beads, candles, decorations flowers and more. The transparent water gels works like magic. (The pearl beads and decorations shown in the photos are not included with your order. See our other listings to buy the pearl beads.). Our transparent water gels are little clear balls and when they are hydrated they swell into clear balls a little larger than a marble. They can be dehydrated and returned to their original size. Just store them in a plastic bag until you want to use them again. The floating pearl bead look makes your centerpiece unique and elegant. The transparent water gel is sold in packets that make about 8 cups of fully hydrated gel. Please see our other listing for double the amount. Our pearl beads are sold with FREE water gel. The transparent watergel is not only wonderful for the floating pearl vase concept but is fantastic for floating other decorations, candles and flowers. The water pearl beads are great for stocking stuffers and they make inexpensive hostess gifts.
  • The product you're buying is the clear water bead gel NOT the actual pearl beads or any other decorations. We sell the pearl beads separately and all of our pearls come with FREE water gel. Our water gels have MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY. The amount of water gel included is about 16 cups of hydrated water gel pearls. Soak your pearls for a minimum of 24 hours in distilled water and they will hydrate into clear balls. When you make your centerpiece the balls will disappear when you add a little more distilled water. You can store or transport them in their hydrated state in plastic bags. You can keep your vase fresh by changing the water when it starts to become cloudy. Keeping your vase out of direct sunlight will help make it last longer as well. Remember you can dehydrate ours and use them again and again and again..
  • Imported from USA.
When you buy from JellyBeadZ®,you will receive the instructions to create the floating pearl vase. It is the hottest trend in centerpieces for weddings and any other celebrations. These CLEAR JellyBeadZ® will float the gorgeous pearl beads or almost any other decoration you would like. All you have to do to hydrate these water beads is to soak them in distilled water for about 12 hours. These water beadZ are a wonderful source of water for a simple flower vase too. You can keep all of your creations as fresh as the day you made them by changing the water occasionally. These gels can be rehydrated so you can use them again and again.

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