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Matney Multicolor Ocean Wave Light Projector, 12 LED, BLUE, RED, GREEN, MULTICOLOR, MP3 iPhone Speaker LED Night Light, Christmas Gift

Product Description

Size: Aprox.12*12*14.5cm

Plug it in, angle it at the ceiling, then the light will be full with your room or bathroom

Adjust degree so that the room will be full with light projection

Comes with timing dormancy function and will be turned off automatically after one hour

Multicolor, 6 Major Functions

Imported from USA

The aurora night light projector will light up your kids bedroom with a colorful kaleidoscopic show, and keep them
entertained for hours. Whether you use the projector as a night light or an activity, the colorful dancing shapes will
have you and your children mesmerized. The aurora night light projector has a removable cap that can turn soft mood
lighting into an awe-inspiring light show on your walls and ceiling.
Color diamond projector is a novel decompression leisure projection lamp; it can cast a life like Aurora effect; to be
able to create a warm and romantic space effect, there are 6 kinds of lighting effects model, built in sound, can direct
access to the Mp3, CD, computer and other audio play music, can be used when the speaker, it also automatically break
eye function, within 1 hours of no operation, it will automatically power off. So you can enjoy the relaxing animation
when you go to sleep! It is energy saving.

Cofufu aurora projector (speaker) is custom made by BeesClover LLC, and Soluck is an exclusive Brand owned by
BeesClover LLC. Each projector was tested carefully by BeesClover LLC. If any problem, please contact with BeesClover.

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