• ❤️ Professional Fantastic nail art set: Contain 15pcs nail art design brush set, 5pcs nail art 2-way drawing dotting painting pen, 2 pcs nail-art rhinestones, 10pcs assorted colors nail striping tape, meets all you need for perfect nail art..
  • ❤️ Multicolored nail striping tape: 10 pieces assorted colors can be used to design your own nail art nail patterns, highlight, etc. meeting your diversified needs, easy to paste in free form.
  • ❤️ 15 pcs Nail art brushes: 2 Flat Fan Brushes; 1 Angled Head Brush; 1 Pattern Brush; 2 Liner Brushes; 3 Flat Brushes; 3 Oblique Brushes; 1 Dotting Pen Brush; 1 Drawing Brush; 1 Petal Brush. Covers the range of brushes you'll need, different brushes for different functions, some for dotting flowers, and others for drawing lines or painting.
  • ❤️ Double-ended nail dotting pens: each is end with a large ball and another end with a small ball for various size dotting.
  • ❤️ 2 box of nail rhinestones: separated by 12 small container pots, Small and exquisite, easy to place and glue, makes your nail shining, eye-catching.
  • Imported from USA.
Do you want to have a beautiful, attractive and unique NAIL ART without spending a lot of money in a salon ? Our NYKKOLA Nail Art Brushes Set is your best choice, comes with lots of Nail Art Equipment, has enough colors and variety to make several different designs, meeting all needs of your manicure. What You Get: 2 Boxs nail art rhinestones 15 x Nail art brushes 5 x Double-ended dotting pens 10 x Assorted colors nail striping tape Product Features: - Create a variety of nail art designs with this great all-in-one set of brushes and nail art supplies, make your nails more dazzling and attractive. - Ideal for fine nail art work, Suitable for professional use or home use. - Easy to handle and operate, a perfect tool set for women who love make-up. - Suitable Professional Use or Home Use like nail art design, also applied to DIY craft like cell phone case, hair accessories and toy decoration, etc. Specifications: Nail art painting brushes color: Cream white Dotting pen color: green, yellow, white, pink, blue Length nail art brushes: from 13 cm to 20cm (5.12 to 7.87 inch) Dotting pen length: 13 cm/ 5.12 inch, plastic handle length: 10 cm Nail striping tape diameter: 4.3 cm/ 1.69 inch Nail striping tape length: 200 cm/ 78.74 inch Nail rhinestones diameter: 0.2 cm/ 0.08 inch Please Note: This product contains small parts; please keep it out of reach of children to avoid accidents.

NYKKOLA Nail Art Brushes Set, 3D Nail Art Paiting Polish Design Kit with 15 Nail Gel Brushes, 5Pcs Nail Dotting Pens, 12 Colors Nail Rinestones & 10 Adhesive Nail Striping Tape for False Acrylic Nails

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