ExpertPower XP-669 7.5-Inch Dual Band SMA-F Antenna (Black)

by Expertpower

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  • Trust the Experts - Look no further for an Antenna. ExpertPower is the highest reviewed and most trusted antenna on the market.
  • Antenna Specifications - This antenna measures at 7.5", it uses an SMA-Female Connector, it supports 144-146, 430-440 MHz frequency range, and the color is Black.
  • Reliability Defined - This antenna not only meets Baofeng's OEM specification, it surpasses it.
  • Quality Promised- All products marketed by ExpertPower are genuine ExpertPower Products.
  • Peace of Mind; 1 Year Warranty - We know a lot could happen in one year. If your antenna fails, help is one phone call away.
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