Product Description

Tracer Light is constructed from the strongest microfiber available and distinguishes a significant progression in chlorine resistant racing fabric. Specifically developed to eliminate water absorption, drag, weight and, of course, doubt.

Training doesn't push your body to the limit, it changes the limits of your body.As you train, your heart and muscles adapt for more efficient athletic performance.Heart rate and stroke volume increase to pump more oxygen to your muscles more rapidly.

Conversely, your muscles adjust to extract more oxygen. Tracer Light technology maximizes these essential athletic training and performance benefits with the right compression in the right places, to let your muscles breathe.

Imported from USA

Tracer Light was developed by the world's top swimmers, coaches and human performance experts to be a fine balance
between human physiology, science and art. By examining muscular and anatomical structure, we designed Tracer Light to
fit with precision over the world's most elegant form ñ the human body. Tracer Light does exactly what the name implies.
Engineered compression in each panel traces along the muscular contours of the body optimizing athletic performance
benefits. By targeting each individual panel, TYR has developed the first performance swimwear technology that addresses
muscle oxygenation, cadenced muscle responsiveness, and muscle core and energy return systems. Tracing the muscles that
are the power source for all swimmers with extra compression panels, flat-lock stitching and a lightweight, hydrophobic
and quick-drying fabric, Tracer Light is proof of TYR's commitment and promise to the athlete and their drive for
achievement. The benefits of drag reduction and body mass containment, while maximizing athletic performance and
muscular torque and flexion, have never been greater.