50 x Nescafe Dolce Gusto Espresso - Coffee Capsules - 50 Capsules

Product Description

Unadulterated shot of 100% pure Arabica bean coffee topped off with a frothy crema layer

50 x Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules Espresso

Single-serve capsule system offers coffeehouse quality drinks without the messy cleanup

Pop in the capsule for a single-serve coffee experience

Imported from USA

Espresso (50 Servings) An intense, full-bodied experience, Espresso is an unadulterated shot of pure coffee. A layer of
foam [due to first class coffee and just the right pressure] is added for full flavor and intensely fragrant experience.
Intense aromas and a full-bodied flavour with a velvety crema finish. It is the smooth crema layer that tells you you’re
drinking an intensely authentic, full-bodied espresso. The crema creates a ‘cap’, retaining the coffees aromas and
flavours for the perfect after dinner coffee.

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