Segawe NEW Style Black 80cc 2-stroke Motorized Bicycle Bike Gas Engine Motor Kit -- Black

by Segawe

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Product ID: 306074


  • 80cc 2-stroke engine kit will fits most 24"and up bikes.
  • Item includes: 80cc 2-stroke engine, Carburetor, Ignition coil & CDI,
  • Throttle handlebar set, Throttle cable, Clutch cable, Kill switch, Clutch lever,
  • Chain, Chain cover, 44T Sprocket W/ 9 Hole Clamp Pads, Chain Tensioner,
  • Fuel tank, Fuel filter, Gasoline fuel line, Petcock, Muffler.
  • Screw tool newly included-Used to remove the small sprocket and clutch gear
    if required, A hardware that mounts the engine to a bigger frame on the bike.