Product: 309461

CoPilot Ski Trainer Learn-to-Ski Harness to Teach Kids to Ski

Product Description

FAST, FUN & EFFECTIVE way to teach beginners to ski

CONVENIENT & easy-to-use: avoid backpain of awkward techniques

Develops balance & stance and provides accurate steering and speed control

Great for towing young beginners and saving their energy for the slopes!

Better than an upper body harness for balance, stance & autonomy

Imported from USA

THE BETTER WAY TO START! CoPilot Ski Trainer is an evolutionary ski harness that encourages a natural forward stance and
ensures that beginners find their balance intuitively. Unlike upper body harnesses, CoPilot leaves the upper body free
for the beginner to develop balance while the teacher monitors speed and facilitates turns via the boot reins. Results
in accelerated learning, increased confidence and a great skiing experience.