OneHippo 5D DIY Crystals Diamond Rhinestone Painting Pasted Paint By Number Kits Peacock (Head to Left),40x58 CM Size

Product Description

Diamond painting kit item includes: oil painting canvas,diamond-cut color rhinestone beads, stone tray and pen tools for sticking the rhinestone beads on the canvas

Instruction: The beads in the numbered packets correspond with the color chart on the side of the drawing. Place a few of the like numbered beads in the plastic tray. Take the "pen" and dab the end with the sticky stuff in the square block, then pick up a bead and place it on the corresponding number on the canvas. Remember to replace the plastic sheet when you are done to preserve your work.

Different price for different canvas size.There are two types of diamonds: 9 sides and 13 sides, for vivid visual effect.The picture is bling bling when you finish it.

This diamond painting is a semi-finished product,and it is fully DIY craft.If it is your first time to do it,please be more patient.Enjoy the process of this new style painting.It is also a perfect gift for friends, also a great thing helps to relieve stress.

Note:The product not included the frame.It is just a rolled canvas.Please frame it by glasses or wooden and hang in your home as for decoration adornments.

Imported from USA

Size:Head to Left(40x58)CM

Compared to the traditional cross embroidery, we take use of the man-made diamonds setting skills. It is an increase of
efficiency and eyes protection.Diamond painting is easier than cross stitch,and more beautiful.It is easy for anyone
without knowledge of drawing to fulfill a classic artwork. you will enjoy the fun of the manufacturing.
The item color might be slight different in the picture because of the lighting effect, please in kind prevail!
If this is your first time to buy our products or the first contact, please read the following instructions:
1.Please DO NOT put the canvas folding, lest the co-occurrence crease.
2.Please DO NOT pull the transparent paper on the picture one-time, tear apart the half of it first to protect the glue
from losing viscous.
3.Please DO NOTput the diamonds in place where children can easily access, so as to avoid being swallowed by them.
4.Please put it in the flat table when producing it.
5.We add 30% of the fake diamonds because some of them are defective as a result of the process problems.For the overall
effect, please select a flawless diamond.
6.Please put the corresponding diamonds into the picture according to the number on them, so as to avoid being damaged.
1.Find the corresponding number of the diamonds with reference to the table below the canvas.
2.Fill the point of the painting pen with right amount of painting diamond.
3.Stick the corresponding diamonds.
4.Stick the diamonds on to the corresponding canvas.
5.If you are not used to using the painting pen,you can choose to use the tweezers instead.
6.The rest of the diamonds can be put inside the valve bag.
7.Use book or your hand to press the diamonds to ensure it's stoutness.

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