Staying Alive:: Applying Risk Management to Advanced Scuba Diving


Product Description

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Scuba divers are dying in caves, on wrecks, and in open water. These are not explorers pushing the boundaries of the
known world, and they are not scientist seeking to prove new concepts and expand our understanding of the marine
environment. These are ordinary divers. The man buying a coffee ahead of us in the morning; the woman we see walking her
dog on our street. Brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. Someone’s wife or husband, mom or dad. Just regular people who
are diving for the fun of it. These deaths are tragic, life-altering, devastating, a terrible waste. Worst of all, they
are totally unnecessary, a sad mistake and often completely avoidable. In Staying Alive, Steve Lewis tells us there are
very few diving accidents. Most of the heart-breaking events claiming the lives of scores of recreational divers are
mistakes that result from established limits being ignored. Lewis revisits the survival guidelines originally proposed
by the legendary Sheck Exley and shows us in eight straightforward steps how simple it is for sport and technical divers
to avoid becoming a statistic.