Product: 322948

Skins A200 Men's Compression Long Tights

Product Description

Men's long tights made using engineered gradient compression

Improved circulation increases oxygen delivery to active muscles to create more power

SKINS reduce muscle vibration, minimizing damage to muscles during sport.

Imported from USA

Whatever your sport, our A200 Men’s Compression Long Tights will boost your circulation, bringing more oxygen-rich blood
to your muscles so you can perform better for longer. Improved circulation also means blood lactate is re-circulated
more effectively.By strategically wrapping and supporting your muscles, SKINS clothing also reduces muscle vibration, so
there’s less risk of injury. Whether you’re a dedicated sports fiend or an active outdoors man every weekend, you’ll be
sure to notice the difference.The A200 Men’s Compression Long Tights also feature an internal key pocket and a tailored
crotch for greater comfort, along with a shaped inseam to avoid abrasion between knees. The tights have bold SKINS
stitching and all-new raised tactile logos on the waistband