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Undisputed Truth Hardcover – November 12, 2013

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Sharing a title with Tyson’s limited-run one-man Broadway show (soon to air on HBO), this outspoken
autobiography simultaneously confirms many of our preconceptions about the celebrity boxer and smashes some of them.
Although he came out of poverty and family strife, and although he was following a criminal path at a very early age (he
was robbing houses when he was still a preteen and sent to a state reformatory at age 12), and although schooling took a
backseat to his fighting career (which also started when he was very young), Tyson does not come across as the
semiliterate thug he’s so often represented to be. Most readers are familiar with his tumultuous life and career—the
bizarre behavior in the ring, the sordid behavior out of it—but what’s most surprising about the book is the
introspection and self-awareness displayed by this self-proclaimed “trailer park nigga.” Leaving aside the question of
how much of the actual writing was done by coauthor Sloman—who’s collaborated on several other noteworthy books,
including a couple with Howard Stern—it’s clear that the voice is Tyson’s: it’s raw and profane but also smart and
witty. Different people have different opinions of Tyson, but he seems to know who he is, and he appears to be OK with
that. A fascinating and frequently surprising autobiography. --David Pitt

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“A masterpiece … grimly tragic on one page, laugh-out-loud funny on the next, and unrelentingly vulgar and foul-mouthed.
Reading Tyson's memoir is like watching a Charles Dickens street urchin grow up to join Hunter S. Thompson on a
narcotics-filled road trip — with the ensuing antics captured on video by assorted paparazzi.” –Hector Tobar, Los
Angeles Times

“Undisputed Truth is raw, powerful and disturbing—a head-spinning take on Mr. Tyson's life…Unlike other sports
memoirists, he doesn't pull punches, offering up slashing comments on people who were once close to him. His narrative
reminds us of just how far he has come from his rough beginnings, and, in a way, how close he remains to them. He had a
punch like a thunderbolt from Zeus, but there have been a lot of big bangers in boxing; Mike Tyson's came with a
pulsating story line like few others.” --Gordon Marino, Wall Street Journal

“Parts of [Undisputed Truth] read like a real-life Tarantino movie. Parts read like a Tom Wolfe-ian tour of wildly
divergent worlds: from the slums of Brooklyn to the high life in Las Vegas to the isolation of prison…. Mr. Tyson’s
idiosyncratic voice comes through clearly on the page here — not just his mix of profane street talk and 12-step
recovery language, cinematic descriptions of individual fights and philosophical musings, but also his biting humor and
fondness for literary and historical references that run the gamut from Alexandre Dumas to Tolstoy to Lenin to Tennessee
Williams…. A genuine effort by a troubled soul to gain some understanding of the long, strange journey that has been his
life.” –Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

“A hefty autobiography that might be the most soul baring book of its genre ever written … a fascinating look into a
life that up until now had already been well chronicled … It’s raw and profane … but it is also quite funny.”—Associated

“Undisputed Truth, which is, without a doubt, one of the grittiest and most harrowing memoirs I’ve ever read.”

“Most readers are familiar with [Tyson’s] tumultuous life and career—the bizarre behavior in the ring, the sordid
behavior out of it—but what’s most surprising about the book is the introspection and self-awareness displayed … it’s
raw and profane but also smart and witty … A fascinating and frequently surprising autobiography.”—Booklist
“Undisputed Truth, is the American dream writ large in raw detail: think Citizen Kane scripted by the writing team of
The Wire…. [it] has a great American novel feel to it… Tyson could easily be a Tom Wolfe or Norman Mailer creation.”
–Austin Collings, New Statesman

“[A] lively mixture of a memoir.” –Joyce Carol Oates, New York Review of Books

“Tyson was ever practised at delivering the early killer blow; and so it is with this gripping and indecently
enthralling autobiography….Tyson always had a way with words – although much of the credit for this book must go to his
ghostwriter Larry “Ratso” Sloman, who not only makes Tyson’s life read like an Elmore Leonard thriller, but gifts him
with considerable self-awareness and a memorably pithy turn of phrase….recounted in gripping, punch-by-punch detail in
prose pungent with the reek of blood, sweat and petroleum jelly.” –Mick Brown, The Telegraph (UK)

“Thrilling…addictive…Sloman brings Tyson's voice springing off the page with its often hilarious combo of street and
shrink, pimp profanity and the ‘prisony pseudo-intellectual modern mack rap’ of the autodidact.” –Geoff Dyer, The
Guardian (UK)

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