Eco Hold Rug Pad 2' x 8' - Earth Friendly, Provides Extra Cushion, For All Hard Surfaces, Heavier and Thicker than Most Rug Pads

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  • Gives a more cushioned feel in every step and keeps your rug in place.
  • Reversible, Resist Curling, Can be Used in Any Indoor Spaces.
  • Extends Rug Life and Protect Hardwood Floors from Scratches from Rug Backing
  • Makes vacuuming easier. Prevents rug from wrinkling, buckling, shifting and slipping. Heavier and Thicker than Most Rug Pads
  • 10 Year Guarantee!
  • Most rugs require rug pads. Not only do rug pads protect your rug from wear and tear, but they also protect your hardwod
    floor. Rug pads can be cut down to any shape or size to fit your rug to ensure your rugs longevity.