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4-rth Men's Eco-Track Pant

Product Description

100% Made in USA! & always FREE shipping!! NO price increase in 4 years!!

Incredible Flexibility & range of motion w/rib piping -- with generous inseam & easy to alter length.

Made from our Custom MODAL French-Terry fabric from the sustainable Birch Tree wood.

Product Description for SIZE guide. Please IGNORE the "size guide" above!

MODELS: 6'1, 175lbs. Size: MEDIUM.

Imported from USA

Since the beginning! and always where you expect to find them -- year after year!! Just more great color options all the

Our classic medium-weight Modal fabric (Birch-tree fiber) mens yoga pant is perfect for all climates & will be your
favorite track pant, ever! Many report "never taking them off." Absolutely ideal for Yoga, lounging & running errands!

Very flexible elastic waist band with 1/2" tubular draw cord.

2x1 RIB piping from the side of the pant extends uninterrupted to the top of the rear-end -- providing amazing
stability & flexibility for stretching & rigorous activity.

Long yet easy to alter length with a 1.5" cuff you can let out for extra length. (see measurements BELOW).

SIZING GUIDE: For SMALL you could be up to about 5'11 without them being too short. For the normal, athletic build, you
would achieve the model-type look if you are 5'9 & 150lbs. If you have a heavier build or want a more "relaxed" fit,
then go one size UP! MODEL: 6'1, 180lbs, size: MEDIUM.

Following are the ranges for sizes S, M, L, & XL. (XL is available in select colors only.)

SMALL:29-32waist; 32" Inseam.

MEDIUM:31-34waist; 34" Inseam.

LARGE:34-37"waist; 35" Inseam.

X-LARGE:36-40"waist; 35" Inseam.

NOTE: if you'd like a CUSTOM-length pant and/or colors -- please look us up -- and contact us online -- DIRECTLY @ -- thanks!!

ps size X-SMALL coming in more colors soon.