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  • NON STICK WITHOUT ANY CHEMICALS OR COATING- Cast Iron heat retention provides the perfect surface for quick and efficient cooking on Gas Grills, BBQ, Stovetops, Induction Cookers..
  • MADE FROM COMMERCIAL GRADE CAST IRON - Cast iron is a durable and sought after material for pans and cookware. This cast iron wok heats evenly and quickly, and is a perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor kitchen cookware collection!.
  • PERFECT FOR COOKING MANY DISHES - A wok is a versatile cooking instrument and is great to use when cooking a stir fry, seafood, or dishes that you need to cook quickly..
  • ROUNDED BOTTOM - The wok has a rounded bottom section that makes flipping and stirring food very easy, meaning that it is less likely to get lost or fall out of the pan like it does when using a regular frying pan..
  • HANDLES FOR EASY MANEUVERABILITY - The Mr. BBQ Wok Topper has handles built in for easy transport and movement from the grill to the table..
  • Imported from USA.
Mr. BBQ 18 Inch Cast Iron Stove and BBQ Wok with Flat Bottom - Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware Ideal for BBQ, Grill, Tailgating, Stove Tops Etc. - Perfect for any, Stir Fry, Seafood or Meat. A wok is a versatile cooking tool that has been around for centuries. It cooks food efficiently and quickly when it is heated to its recommended temperature. Due to the shape of the wok, the food is able to cook at a high heat while maintaining good moisture and temperature because it is easy to keep the food moving around. The shape also allows the food to stay in the pan when you’re flipping and moving it, which means that you’ll lose way less food than you would if you were to botch a flip in a regular frying pan. The Mr. BBQ Wok is also made of commercial grade cast iron, which will last well over a hundred years if it is taken care of well. Cast iron also heats evenly and quickly, eliminating the time that you need to spend waiting for your wok to get up to temperature and also helps your food remain at a consistent cooking temperature throughout the entire process. .com ---- Much heavier than traditional steel woks, this solid cast-iron wok absorbs and retains heat at the high temperatures needed for superior stir-fry cooking. A flat bottom sits the wok securely on a stovetop, gas grill, or charcoal grill, while two loop handles allow for safe lifting with oven mitts. The wok measures 14 inches in diameter (17 inches with handles), and 4 inches deep--generous enough for a family-size meal. The wok must be seasoned before first use to create a nonstick patina that also helps prevent rusting. After washing, apply a thin layer of vegetable oil and heat the wok for one hour. While the wok can be seasoned on a grill, an oven works best. Instructions for the seasoning process are included with the wok. After subsequent use, the wok should be washed by hand and dried before storing. Mr. Bar-B-Q covers the wok with a five-year warranty against defects. --Ann Bieri

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