• Includes 30 molecular foam rollers - 6 petite, 6 small, 6 medium, 6 large, and 6 jumbo.
  • The unit will have a clicking sound to signify the ion feature is engaged.
  • Delivers 3 times the steam of regular steam setters.
  • Patented steam hair setting system that operates only at 120V,60Hz voltage.
  • A carrying case and styling guide are included.
  • Imported from USA.
The caruso professional ion steam hairsetter model c97958 creates shine and volume without static or frizz. The new anti-static, anti-frizz caruso professional ion steam hairsetter uses negative ions to produce up to three times the amount of steam of ordinary hairsetters. Ions create strong, long-lasting and luxurious curls. Help condition, soften and make hair shinier while adding volume and reducing frizz. The large and jumbo rollers in this product share the exact same size plastic roller shield. The difference is the jumbo roller will have a thicker foam around the roller than the large size. This is why the rollers say large/jumbo”. You will receive 12 rollers that will say large/jumbo. You will need to look at foam thickness to differentiate between the 6 large and 6 jumbo. Note : the red led light comes on only in the ionic steam setting. Unit will work even without the red led light turning on because steam will start coming out of the unit.

Caruso C97958 ION Steam Hairsetter