• Imported from USA.

    An investigative journalist takes you inside the corporate meat
    industry—a shocking, in-depth report every American should read.

    The biggest takeover in American business that you’ve n ever
    heard of

    The American supermarket seems to represent the best in America:
    abundance, freedom, choice. But that turns out to be an illusion.
    The rotisserie chicken, the pepperoni, the cordon bleu, the
    frozen pot pie, and the bacon virtually all come from four

    In The Meat Racket, investigative reporter Christopher Leonard
    delivers the first-ever account of how a handful of companies
    have seized the nation’s meat supply. He shows how they built a
    system that puts farmers on the edge of bankruptcy, charges high
    prices to consumers, and returns the industry to the shape it had
    in the 1900s before the meat monopolists were broken up. At the
    dawn of the twenty-first century, the greatest capitalist country
    in the world has an oligarchy controlling much of the food we eat
    and a high-tech sharecropping system to make that possible.

    Forty years ago, more than thirty-six companies produced half of
    all the chicken Americans ate. Now there are only three that make
    that amount, and they control every aspect of the process, from
    the egg to the chicken to the chicken nugget. These companies are
    even able to raise meat prices for consumers while pushing down
    the price they pay to farmers. And tragically, big business and
    politics have derailed efforts to change the system.

    We know that it takes big companies to bring meat to the American
    table. What The Meat Racket shows is that this industrial system
    is rigged against all of us. In that sense, Leonard has exposed
    our heartland’s biggest scandal.