TopNotch Back Brush Long Handle Body Scrubber Bath Brushes

Product Description

Pink quality bath or shower brush with long handle. Use wet or as dry skin brush for exfoliating or dry skin brushing. Also great for as cellulite massager or body scrubber.

Hygienic and long lasting. Use with soaps or shower gels. Simply rinse after use and hang up to dry.

14" Pink Long Handled Brush with non slip ridges and specially angled for back scrubbing. Medium Bristles with long handle.

Imported from USA

Key Product features;Medium bristles,Cord for hanging up to dry,14" handle with non slip ridges, Angled for reaching
difficult areas, Suitable for use all over your body including face and feet, Excellent for exfoliating,Helps to improve
skin health and reduce cellulite,eBook provided "The Dry Skin Brushing Guide"

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