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Product Description

Our brotforms 8.5 inch are exceptionally well constructed and traditionally shaped. Specially designed for professionals. It also makes the perfect gift for friends and family.

Made from 100% no chemical natural cane - Our brotform is environmentally friendly.

Our brotforms are manufactured in compliance with the German LFGB Daily Use and Feed Code.

Hand crafted bread mold and made of high quality natural cane measures over 8MM in diameter, which is thicker and stronger than the material used by many competitors.

Imported from USA

Rattan banneton is great for proofing your bread. These are also known as "brotforms" or "proofing baskets". These
baskets are used both to provide the loaf with shape and to wick moisture from the crust. When dough is risen, turn it
out onto a pan to bake. The loaf will sport a gorgeous pattern of floury rings circling the deep-golden crust. Measures
approximately 8.5 inches in diameter at the top, 5.5 inches in diameter at the bottom. Height is about 3.25 to 3.5
inches. Hand wash with warm water and keep dry after clean