Product: 338647

Tovolo 81-10109 Microwave Cover, one, Red

Product Description

Microwave safe cover expands to 3.5 inches but collapses to 1 inch for easy storage; Use thumbs to easy "pop up" and press to flatten

Multiple lid perforations allow steam to escape, keeps food moist while splatters and mess are contained

Can be used expanded or flat on bowls; reduce waste and movement of paper towels or other wraps in microwave

10.5 inch diameter the perfect size for most bowls and plates; dishwasher safe

Bright red color is easy to find in drawers and cabinets

Imported from USA

Tovolo Red Collapsible Microwave Cover

Tovolo's Microwave Collapsible Food Cover helps keep food moist while preventing splatter, keeping the inside of the
microwave clean. The large cover fits standard size plates and the vented holes allow the steam to release evenly
preventing condensation. The collapsible feature allows for easy storage, an absolute essential kitchen tool to have.

The cover measures 10.5 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall when expanded and collapses down to 1 inch, making it
easy to store. You simply use the finger grips to lift the lid and then press down to flatten. This silicone cover's
durable design has multiple lid perforations to allow steam to escape and keeps food moist. All the splatter stays
inside the cover keeping your microwave clean.


* Durable silicone construction
* Vented holds for steam release
* Heat Resistant up to 600 degrees F
* BPA Free
* Dishwasher Safe
You no longer need paper towels to cover you bowls or plates. Reduce the waste by using this microwave cover over time
and time again. The silicone is easily cleaned. Collapse the cover for easy storage. The bright red color is easy to
find in your drawers and cabinets.


* Collapsible for easy storage
* Bright red color makes cover easy to find
* Large size fits most plates and bowls
* Finger grips for easy lift