The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook
The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook
The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook
The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook

The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook

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Product Description

Focal Press

Now in full color, this guide helps the lighting designer with all of the many creative and operational challenges you
face. Providing respected and clear coverage of the process of programming automated lighting fixtures, Brad Schiller
brings you from basic principles to pre-production preparations. Concepts, procedures, and guidelines to ensure a
successful production are covered as well as troubleshooting, much needed information on work relationships, and of
course all of the fun technology including LED lighting, console networking, digital lighting, and more. The final
chapter brings the creative thinking of some of the heaviest hitting lighting designers of today, featuring Butch Allen,
Jason Badger, Mike Baldassari, Richard Belliveau, Allen Branton, John Broderick, Dall Brown, Mark Butts, David Chance,
Christian Choi, Vickie Claiborne, David Davidian, Patrick Dierson, C. Andrew Dunning, Mike Falconer, John Featherstone,
Cory Fitzgerald, Laura Frank, Demfis Fyssicopulos, Craig Gaff, Steve Garner, Jon Griffin, Tim Grivas, Rob Halliday,
Bryan Hartley, Bud Horowitz, Steve Irwin, Seth Jackson, Mark "Junior" Jacobson, Shannon January, David "Gurn" Kaniski,
Mats Karlson, Eric Kennedy, Tom Kenny, Hillary Knox, Marcus Krömer, Jim Lenahan, Steve Lieberman, Esteban Lima, Heath
Marrinan, Michael Nevitt, Adrian Ngieng, Paul Normandale, Jim Ohrberg, Steve Owens, Mitch Peebles, Paul Pelletier, John
Rayment, Benoit Richard, Scott Riley, Larry "Uncle Fester" Robbins, Timothy F. Rogers, Susan Rose, Arnold Serame, Marsha
Stern, Henry M. Sume, Howard Ungerleider, Lawrence Upton, Jon "Hillbilly" Weir, and Ross Williams.