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House of Darkness: House of Light- The True Story, Vol. 1

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Imported from USA

About the Author

Andrea Perron was born in Rhode Island in 1958. She is a graduate of Chatham College in Pittsburgh, Pa.
having earned an inter-disciplinary degree in philosophy and English literature. This memoir waited thirty years to be
told, allowing the time and distance necessary for her family to reveal these long held secrets. The author is currently
preparing for release of the second volume in this remarkable trilogy. John Shaw created the cover portrait of their
farmhouse as a parting gift. Two months after the Perron family abandoned this place in the country, John, all of
nineteen years old, drove from Rhode Island to Georgia. He presented his friends with the watercolor; painted from
memory, in memory of a special house which touched his life as well. It remains a treasured keepsake. They loved him
then as they love him now

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