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Tango: An Argentine Love Story

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Overwhelmed with the pain of a failed fifteen-year relationship, Camille Cusumano wanted badly to escape her life and
heal her emotional wounds. After a violent encounter with her ex’s new girlfriend, Camille decided she had some serious
soul-searching to do. She took off for Buenos Aires intending to stay a few short weeks, but when her search for inner
peace met with her true passion of tango, she realized she’d need to stay in Argentina indefinitely.

Tango is a memoir of falling in love with a country through the dance that embodies intensity, freedom, and passion —
all pivotal to Camille’s own process of self-discovery. From the charm of local barrios to savory empanadas, Camille
whole-heartedly embraces the ardent culture of Argentina, and soon a month-long escape turns into a year-long personal
odyssey. Slowly letting go of her grief through a blend of tango, Zen, and a burgeoning group of friends, Camille
discovers that her fierceness and patience can exist in harmony as she learns how to survive in style when love falls