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Product Description

Author(s): Alberto Paz, Valorie Hart

Published: 10-31-2007


Imported from USA

Gotta Tango is a superior instructional package for learning how to dance the authentic Argentine tango at a social
level. Master teachers Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart take you on a journey through the rich culture, history, and music
of Buenos Aires that inspired the romantic passion, alluring creativity, and natural elegance of the Argentine tango
dance. You will learn the fundamentals and roles each partner plays in this exhilarating and intimate social dance.

The book describes, illustrates, and explains the fundamental concepts and techniques, while the DVD visually
demonstrates real dance situations with a partner. This combination provides tango lessons that are infinitely more
effective than a stand-alone book or video product—and will have you dancing with confidence in less time than you
thought possible.

Each tango dancer has a unique way of expressing movements. Gotta Tango offers a logical, structured approach that will
help you learn quickly how to move spontaneously with a partner and with the music. It provides the tools you will use
every day as a tango dancer as you immerse yourself in the experience, pleasure, and addiction of dancing the Argentine