Queen Victoria: A Personal History

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In this surprising new life of Victoria, Christopher Hibbert, master of the telling anecdote and peerless biographer of
England's great leaders, paints a fresh and intimate portrait of the woman who shaped a century. His Victoria is not
only the formidable, demanding, capricious queen of popular imagination—she is also often shy, diffident, and
vulnerable, prone to giggling fits and crying jags. Often censorious when confronted with her mother's moral lapses, she
herself could be passionately sensual, emotional, and deeply sentimental. Ascending to the throne at age eighteen,
Victoria ruled for sixty-four years—an astounding length for any world leader. During her reign, she dealt with
conflicts ranging from royal quarrels to war in Crimea and rebellion in India. She saw monarchs fall, empires crumble,
new continents explored, and England grow into a dominant global and industrial power. This personal history is a
compelling look at the complex woman whom, until now, we only thought we knew.