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Abraham Lincoln in the Kitchen: A Culinary View of Lincoln's Life and Times

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Abraham Lincoln in the Kitchen is a culinary biography unlike any before. The very assertion of the title--that Abraham
Lincoln cooked--is fascinating and true. It's an insight into the everyday life of one of our nation's favorite and most
esteemed presidents and a way to experience flavors and textures of the past. Eighmey solves riddles such as what type
of barbecue could be served to thousands at political rallies when paper plates and napkins didn't exist, and what
gingerbread recipe could have been Lincoln's childhood favorite when few families owned cookie cutters and he could
carry the cookies in his pocket. Through Eighmey's eyes and culinary research and experiments--including sleuthing for
Lincoln's grocery bills in Springfield ledgers and turning a backyard grill into a cast-iron stove--the foods that
Lincoln enjoyed, cooked, or served are translated into modern recipes so that authentic meals and foods of 1820-1865 are
possible for home cooks. Feel free to pull up a chair to Lincoln's table.