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41" Wood SkimBoard by Drew Brophy

Product Description

Multi-layer wood plywood core with protective resin coating

Diamond tip gives more control at the tail with less drag and more speed.

W shape tail help more manueverability in the water.

Skim Board weighs 5.45 lbs & Recommended for riders 5 ft and above

Dimensions (inches): 10.6 Tail x 20.6 Middle x 41 Height x 0.3 Thickness

Imported from USA

Our full size 41" wood skimboard with cool graphics designed by Surf artist & surfboard painting pioneer Drew Brophy.
He is best known for his surfboard paintings and distinctive painting style. Its made of durable and cross lmainated
wood accompanied with solid graphics for a very clean finished look skim board and scratch resistant graphics. The
coating on the wood skimboard ensures a smooth surface for minimal resistance to long smooth rides. An incredible value
for the beginning skimboard rider.