• Grow Longer and Fuller Lashes within weeks. No preservatives (parabens) are used. See the CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSES of Parabens Free, Microorganisms Challenge Tests and No Heavy Metals Tests performed by 3rd party laboratory. No Red Eyes, No Dark Circles, No Pains like other products. Safety tests reviewed by Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist. See the test results. Would you like to take a risk to use any products?.
  • 62 Ingredients with peptides proven to safely promote the growth of eyelashes beautifully. No prostaglandin (Latanoprost or Bitamoprost) is used. See the CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS performed by 3rd party laboratory. Strengthens and promotes growth of eyelashes by penetrating deep into the roots and Sebaceous Glands. Uniquely, it grows lashes thicker and fuller first, and longer later since it enhances the health of each and every lash by providing essential nutrients for lash. The lashes will be stronger not just longer. The lash grown longer and fuller by I Max Eyelash Conditioner is not easily fallen down while other serums make lashes only longer not thicker. Of course, the thicker, longer lashes and more lashes are sexier than just longer lash..
  • You may not need the artificial lash extensions if you use I Max Eyelash Conditioner. This conditioner helps your own natural lash grow thicker, fuller and longer by being healthier and stronger while lash is fallen down and lost by the glue of fake eyelash extensions. If you still need artificial lash extensions, use I max Eyelash Conditioner to recover and heal the damaged lashes and related parts. This product is great as a gift for being packed elegantly in golden-colored aluminium tube. High quality package. I Max Eyelash Conditioner gold has been recognized around the world and very famous, especially in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China for years. Made in USA. It passed inspections of their FDAs..
  • The below is a true testimonial from an actual user 6 years ago. "" When I began using another famous eyelash conditioner, my upper eyelids felt burning sensation as soon as I started using that eyelash conditioner. Then it became a little red and itchy. This happened after the first application. I used it about 4 days and stopped. After I started using I Max, my eyelashes became healthier about 3-4 weeks after I started using it. They would stay curled and longer. My eyelashes started becoming longer at about 6 weeks and considerably longer at 2 months. I started to just maintain last week because they were getting too long. My sister pointed that my eyelashes became too long, I mean it was too long and looked even weird. I cut it short because it was literally too long. Now I put it on about 2 or 3 times a week. I don't need to use an eyelash curler anymore. They curl up and stay curled with mascara by themselves. One thing is that my eyelashes come down soft and powerless but it doesn't become shorter when I don't apply more than 3 days. If I put I Max again on my eyelashes, these become livelier right away just as we water plants. I introduced I Max to my co-workers in the office and they are using it"" (Sharyn, 29 years, Santa Monica CA, USA. in 2008).
  • Attention, Eyelash Conditioner Users; Most users can see the difference 4-12 weeks and even up to 16 weeks. Some users started seeing the result within a couple of weeks. It is not a typical case although we see sometimes. Since this is not a drug like Tylenol or Aspirin but a conditioner, nobody can tell exactly when you see the fuller and longer eyelash. We believe most users may see the positive results eventually if they keep using persistently. Your lashes will grow longer not little by little everyday gradually but at once suddenly..
  • Imported from USA.
Non Prescription Eyelash Growth Enhancer Serum - Grow Longer Eyelashes. No Red Eyes, No Dark Circles, No Pains. Safety tests reviewed by MDs-Dermatologist and Ophtamologist. The eye area is very sensitive and easily absorbs any substances(?). You should not use any product around eyes of which safety is not proven. Would you like to take a risk to use any products, which are not tested?

I Max Eyelash Conditioner gold. Stem Cell, KGF, Peptides & Nanoliposome.