Ogilvie Conditioning Hair Straightener: For All Hair Types

by Ogilvie

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  • Ogilvie Hair Straightening System gets smoother hair that gleams for today's hottest look.
  • It is styling time drops down to virtually nothing.
  • It's less time with styling products and hair irons, more time enjoying yourself.
  • With Ogilvie Straightener, your hair will become smooth, straight and manageable. You can tame frizz and waves with this
    fast-acting and easy-to-use formula. Ogilvie Straightener conditions while it straightens your hair for
    just-from-the-salon style and shine. The results last for months, saving you styling time - every day. Contains the
    following Salon Products: Straightener Lotion with Fresh Scent Neutralizer Leave-In Conditioner Salon Gloves (Latex)
    Salon Comb