1-Port RS232 Serial over IP Ethernet Device Server (NETRS232_1)

by Startech

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Product ID: 431697


  • Add one network-enabled RS-232 Serial port to any Ethernet network
  • Allows several users share a serial device
  • No need to setup numerous and costly dedicated serial device servers, manage serial devices from a single PC
  • Operates seamlessly with built-in serial ports, the remote serial ports appear alongside other serial ports in your Windows device manager
  • Works over the Internet!
  • Comes complete with Ether Link Manager software making serial device configuration easy
  • Data transfer rates of up to 115.2 Kb/sec per port
  • Browser based configuration of network settings, serial port line settings, UART transmit and receive buffer trigger levels and serial port flow control
  • This Ethernet-to-Remote RS232 Serial interface converter allows you to install your RS232 serial devices anywhere on
    your TCP/IP Ethernet WAN/LAN, and still access them as if they were right beside you - even if the connection is
    established through an Internet connection! The serial interface converter provides easy serial control, even at the
    longest distances, allowing access to the remote serial ports from within your local computer Windows device manager.
    The Ethernet to RS232 Remote Serial converter is designed to function seamlessly with your other serial ports for
    totally transparent operation. Your serial equipment - card scanners, access keypads, bar code scanners, and more - will
    operate as smoothly as if the serial ports were right inside your computer. For industrial automation, security, Point
    of Sale, or any time you need reliable, long-range serial communications, the Ethernet/Serial interface converter
    delivers superior performance in any environment.


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