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Thermaltake Massive 23 LX Steel Mesh Panel Single Oversized 230mm Blue LED Fan Portable 10”-17” Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad CLN0015

Product Description

Oversized 230mm ultra-quiet fan with blue LEDs removes heat from the notebook easily and effectively.

Built-in fan On/Off switch and LED light On/Off switch.

Handles designed into the cooler allows the unit to be carried to any where you go.

Hidden storage space enables USB cable or other small accessories to be stored when not being used.

USB connector : Gold-plated

Imported from USA

You know heat is very bad for electronics. You know your notebook is running hot. Now you will know how Thermaltake's
latest Massive23 LX performance notebook cooler can help you to cool down your notebook that holds some of the most
important files or memories of your life. Massive23 LX, with its massive and oversized 230mm ultra-quiet fan effectively
push incredible amount of air while producing unnoticeable noise output. The embedded blue LEDs inside the fan as well
as the fan itself can be easily turned On or Off with a built-in switch. Handles designed into the cooler allow users to
effortlessly carry the notebook cooler with them wherever they go. Low power draw from the fan puts minimum strain on
your notebook's battery power.Air Flow 18 - 54.6 CFM.Supports laptop size from 10-Inch to 17-Inch.