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KELUX Thumb Grips 10 Pack for PS4 Controllers (PlayStation 4)

Product Description

Since 1 November 2014 the product has been improved. Two sets of medium high grips have been added to the pack. Now the product features five sets (10 pack) of high quality and durable rubber thumb grips to protect your PS4 analog sticks and enhance your gaming experience.

Comfortable to use with increased grip and precision. Ease and quick to fit

2 sets of concave and 3 sets of convex grips to cater for different tastes.

2 low, 4 medium high and 4 high thumb grips provide different levels of leverage and precision. Each set may best suit a particular type of games. The choice is yours.

Genuine product is sold exclusively by ButterFox. One year warranty for product sold by ButterFox

Imported from USA

Manufacturer's Description
These thumb grips are designed and built to protect your PS4 Dualshock controller and enhance your gaming experience.
They are durable and comfortable to use.

A pack of ten thumb grips. 5 different sets (1 low, 2 medium high and 2 high)

This product is designed and manufactured by ButterFox. Genuine product is sold exclusively by ButterFox.

Please contact us immediately if you have any issue with the product. Make sure you purchase the genuine product only
from ButterFox