• Compatible with Xbox One, smartphones and tablets: take calls with the touch of a button.
  • Retractable near-field gaming microphone is never in the way..
  • Included headset adapter connects directly to your wireless Xbox One controller, placing audio controls at your fingertips.
  • Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning (POET) delivers legendary Polk sound in a headphone: rich, immersive and realistic.
  • Customers who want an enhanced mic solution for their 4 Shot headset can receive the POLK CHAT PRO free of charge. Go to the 4Shot product page on the Polk AUDIO website and enter your 4 Shot serial number and shipping information. We will send out the POLK CHAT PRO right away..
  • Imported from USA.
Polk 4 Shot gaming headset -------------------------- For the ultimate gaming chat experience, register your 4 Shot to receive the Polk Chat Pro mic FREE. Games have profoundly complex audio, combining music, ambient details, special effects, and dialog. What’s more, a first person shooter game presents an entirely different world from a driving game. After an in-depth assessment of the players in the audio industry, Xbox chose Polk to unleash the rich, complex audio contained in Microsoft’s most popular games. This is a relationship in which the skillsets of the two companies complement each other perfectly. And the 4 Shot headset is the result. Polk 4 Shot gaming headset retractable mic First retractable near field microphone tucks smoothly up into the ear cup. Polk 4 Shot gaming headset connects wirelessly Designed specifically for the Xbox One for wireless gaming audio and chat. Polk 4 Shot custom voiced gaming headset4 Shot is the first headset designed and tuned in collaboration with leading game sound designers. Polk 4 Shot gaming headset with one button mic The 4 Shot becomes your headphone for a tablet, computer, or smartphone. A one-button control lets you take calls. Polk 4 Shot connects wirelessly Connect wirelessly. One cable runs from the 4 Shot headset to the wireless gaming adapter, which connects wirelessly to the Xbox One. Polk 4 Shot gaming headset story Polk does audio. 40 years of knowledge creates the best gaming headset experience by far. Designed for the serious gamer, the 4 Shot headset is much more than gaming headphones. Fashioned with comfort foremost in mind, their sonic performance is more than capable of taking you not only deeper into any game, but also deeper into your music and movies.