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Product: 433461

16GB microSD (with SD and miniSD Adapters) Secure Digital High Capacity Memory Card [Nintendo Wii]

Product Description

Compatible with: Sony Alpha / CyberShot DSC-S2100 DSC-TX7 DSC-T99 DSC-TX100V DSC-TX9 DSC-TX5 DSC-W310 DSC-W510 DSC-WX9 DSC-WX5 DSC-W560 DSC-W570 DSC-W320 DSC-W350 DSC-T110 DSC-TX10 DSLR-A560 DSLR-A330 DSLR-A500 DSLR-A580 DSC-W330 DSC-W380 NEX-5K NEX-C3 SLT-A35 SLT-A77 DSC-W370 DSC-W530 DSLR-A450 NEX-3A NEX-3K NEX-5A SLT-A33 SLT-A65 DSLR-A230 DSLR-A380 DSLR-A550 DSLR-A390 SLT-A55V NEX-7 DSC-HX100V DSC-HX7V DSC-HX5 DSC-HX9V NEX-5N DSLR-A290 DSC-H55 DSC-H70

Compatible with: Nintendo DSi 3DS DSi XL Wii, Samsung camcorder VP-MX10 VP-HMX10 HMX-H104 VP-HMX20C HMX-R10 SC-HMX10C SC-HMX20C HMX-H100 HMX-H105 HMX-H106 HMX-U10 HMX-U20 SC-MX10 VP-MX20 SMX-F34 SC-MX10P SC-MX20 VP-DX10, Insignia NS-DV720P NS-DCC5HB09 NS-DV1080P NS-DV720PBL NS-DV111080F, Kodak Zx1 Ze1 ZxD Zi10 Zx5 Zx3 Zi6 Zi8, Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000 VPC-E2 VPC-FH1 VPC-TH1 VPC-WH1 VPC-CG10, Panasonic HDC-HS9 HDC-HS100 HDC-HS300 HDC-HS250 HDC-SD100 HDC-SD200 HDC-SD3 HDC-DX3 HDC-HS20 HDC-SD1 SDR-H250 SDR-S10 SDR-S150 SDR-H80 HDC-TM20 HDC-SX5 SDR-H200 SDR-H21 SDR-S15 SDR-SW21 HDC-DX1 SDR-S9 SDR-H40 SDR-H60 SDR-H18 SDR-H20 SDR-S25 SDR-H50 SDR-SW20 SDR-H280 SDR-H90 SDR-S26 SDR-S10P1 SDR-H79 HDC-TM300 HDC-SD20 HDC-HS200 HDC-SD7 HDC-SD5 SDR-S7, JVC Everio GZ-MS120 GZ-HD7 GZ-HD3 GZ-X900 GZ-HM200 GZ-MS100 GZ-MS130, Canon VIXIA HF M41 VIXIA HF M400 VIXIA HF R20 VIXIA HF R21 XA10 VIXIA HF R11 VIXIA HF R10 VIXIA HF M300 VIXIA HF M32 VIXIA HF S10 VIXIA HF21 VIXIA HF10 VIXIA HF11 VIXIA HG21 VIXIA HF20 VIXIA HF S30 VIXIA HF R200 VIXIA HF G10 VIXIA HF S11 VIXIA HF S21 VIXIA HF R100 VIXIA HF M31 FS31 FS11 FS10 FS100 VIXIA HF200 VIXIA HF M40 FS200 FS40 FS400 FS20 FS30 FS300 VIXIA HF M30 VIXIA HF100 VIXIA HG20 VIXIA HF S100 FS21 FS22 VIXIA HF S20 VIXIA HF S200

Compatible with: Nikon Coolpix S6100 S550 S230 S640 S570 S510 S100 S80 S8100 S1100pj S3000 S9100 S1000pj S4000 S560 S710 S6200 S1200pj S5100 S4100 S600 S6000 S620 S220 D90 D5000 D80 D60 D5100 D3100 D7000 D40 D40X D3000 D300s AW100 L120 L110 L24 L22 L18 L100 L19 L20 P5100 P5000 P90 P7000 S8200 P6000 P7100 P100 P500 P300 S3100 S520 S630 S70 S8000, Moultrie Infrared Camera Game Spy I-65S Game Spy I-45 Game Spy I-45S D55 M45 M65 D50 Game Spy D-55IR Game Spy I-35 Game Spy I-65, Leica C-Lux 3 M8 D-Lux 4 M8.2, Casio Exilim EX-H10 EX-H20 EX-Z29 EX-Z1 EX-ZS5 EX-ZS10 EX-H5 EX-H30 EX-Z270 EX-Z400 EX-S5 EX-S6 EX-S200 EX-S12 EX-ZR10 EX-ZR100 EX-FH20 EX-FS10 EX-FC100 EX-TR100 Tryx, Sanyo Xacti VPC-T1060 VPC-E1075 VPC-S1080 VPC-HD2000 VPC-E2 VPC-FH1 VPC-TH1 VPC-WH1 VPC-CG10

Compatible with: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX10 DMC-FX100 DMC-FX150 DMC-FX37 DMC-FX12 DMC-FX48 DMC-FX55 DMC-FX500 DMC-FX50 DMC-FX580 DMC-FX40 DMC-FX33 DMC-FX35 DMC-FX77 DMC-FX30 DMC-FX75 DMC-LX2 DMC-LX5 DMC-FZ50 DMC-FZ8 DMC-FX07 DMC-FX700 DMC-FZ35 DMC-FZ28 DMC-FZ40 DMC-FZ45 DMC-FX550 DMC-LX3 DMC-FP7 DMC-FP2 DMC-FP5 DMC-FP8 DMC-FZ18 DMC-FZ100 DMC-TS3 DMC-TS10 DMC-TS2 DMC-TS1 DMC-FP3 DMC-FP1 DMC-FH7 DMC-FH25 DMC-FH22 DMC-FH5 DMC-G1 DMC-GH1 DMC-FH3 DMC-F2 DMC-F3 DMC-LS60 DMC-FH20 DMC-FH27 DMC-LS75 DMC-LS80 DMC-TZ5 DMC-TZ2 DMC-FH1 DMC-FH2 DMC-TZ3 DMC-TZ20 DMC-TZ8 DMC-TZ18 DMC-LS70 DMC-LS85 DMC-TZ10 DMC-FT1 DMC-FT3 DMC-FT2 DMC-TZ50 DMC-TZ4 DMC-ZR3 DMC-ZX3 DMC-S1 DMC-S3 DMC-TZ7 DMC-TZ6 DMC-ZS1 DMC-ZS5 DMC-ZS7 DMC-ZS8 DMC-FT10 DMC-ZR1 DMC-FS22 DMC-FS16 DMC-FS25 DMC-FS7 DMC-L1 DMC-L10 DMC-FS30 DMC-FS62 DMC-FS10 DMC-FS5 DMC-ZS10 DMC-ZS3 DMC-FS15 DMC-FS6 DMC-FS37 DMC-FS35 DMC-FS18 DMC-FS11 DMC-LZ10 DMC-FX70 DMC-FX78 DMC-FS33 DMC-FS20 DMC-FS3 DMC-LZ7 DMC-LZ8 DMC-LZ6, Kodak EasyShare Z885 Z8612 IS Z1015 IS Z990 MAX Z915 Z712 IS Z1285 Z1485 IS Z981 Z1085 IS C180 C182 Z980 Z950 Z1275 C713 C1013 C613 ZD710 Z812 IS Z1012 IS C123 SPORT C183 C1530 C813 Zoom C143 C195 M381 M340 M341 C513 C190 C142 M580 M753 M853 C913 M763 M380 M522 M531 M532 M883 M550 M575 M1073 IS M863 M893 IS M873 M1093 IS M200 MINI V1073 V803 M1033 M530 M552 M1063 V1003 V1233 V1253 V1273

Compatible with: Fuji FujiFilm Finepix W1 W3 F100fd F550EXR F60fd F70EXR F75EXR F80EXR F85EXR F50fd S205EXR S1770 S700 S2000HD F305EXR F480 S5800 S8000fd S800 S1800 F200EXR F300EXR S2600HD S5700 S1600 S1500 S200EXR HS11 S8100fd HS10 Z20fd Z37 S1880 S2500HD Z808EXR Z35 Z800EXR Z100fd S100FS S1000fd Z33WP Z80 Z81 Z71 Z70 Z700EXR Z90 Z91 Z10fd XP10 Z31 Z30 J10 J15fd J26 J30 Z200fd Z707EXR JV105 JV150 JX200 JX205 XP11 X100 J120 J150w J35 JX290 JV100 JZ305 JZ500 J250 J50 J210 JX250 J20 JZ505 JX280 J100 J25 J12 J38 A820 AV150 AX205 A100 J22 J110w AV100 AV105 A920 A610 J27 JZ300 A900 AX200 AX250 A150 A860 A800 A175 A225 HS20EXR HS22EXR A220 A170, Olympus SZ-10 SZ-20 SZ-30MR XZ-1 E-5 VG-110 VG-120 FE-47 T-100 FE-4020 E-PL1 FE-4040 FE-5030 SP-800UZ SP-600UZ SP-610UZ VG-140 TG-810 TG-610 VR-310 VR-320 5010 FE-4030 7030 9010 Tough-3000 Tough-6020 Tough-8010 TG-310 E-PL3 E-PL2 E-PM1 E-P2 E-P3 7040 E-P1

Imported from USA

Class 4 microSD Flash Memory Card with SD and miniSD Adapters

MicroSDHC memory cards are primarily used in mobile phones and tablet PCs. With its small size, low power consumption
and high capacity, they are the ideal storage medium for music, movies, ringtones and much more. The included SD adapter
allows the use in digital cameras and other SDHC-enabled devices, even though no MicroSD card slot available.

Capacity: 16GB

Included: SD & miniSD Adapters