Mad Catz Hedgehog Inductive Charger for Wii and Wii U

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  • Officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog design
  • Limited Edition Individually Numbered Collecter's Edition
  • Includes 2 NiMH batteries for rapid charging / Provides up to 15 hours of gameplay
  • Powered by any standard wall outlet - no USB port required
  • SYNC. button pass-through for easy synchronization
  • Limited Edition Individually Numbered Collector's Edition
  • Celebrate Sonic's 20th Anniversary with the limited edition, individually numbered Figure Inductive Charger! Mad Catz'
    Hedgehog Figure 2X Inductive Charger combines videogame history's fastest running hedgehog with the modern-day
    convenience of contactless controller charging. Standing 6 inches tall atop a plateau representative of the classic
    Green Hill Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog guardedly watches over your Wii Remotes as they revitalize. Built-in magnets help
    ensure controllers and battery packs are aligned in the most efficient charging position, while twin rechargeable NiMH
    battery packs energize rapidly to provide up to 15 hours of gameplay. With innovative electromagnetic induction
    technology providing the means to charge Wii Remotes without the need to remove protective silicone covers or Wii
    MotionPlus add-ons, the Hedgehog Figure 2X Inductive Charger delivers the utmost in hassle-free charging.