CTA Digital 4 in 1 Combo Kit for Wii Fit U & Wii Fit (includes Protective Case With Neck Strap for Wii U )

by Cta Digital

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  • Protective Case with Neck Strap for Wii U GamePad
  • Balance Board Mat/ Soft/ Plastic/ Non-SlipMat
  • Lithium Ion Battery Pack Compatible with Wii Fit Balance Board
  • 500 MA Charging Current/ 5V Charging Voltage/ 700mAh 1.5hs Capacity
  • Silicone Sleeve for Wii Balance Board/ Elastic mold for perfect fit
  • Embark on a healthy Wii Fit fitness regimen with the Wii Fit starter kit from CTA Digital. This kit includes: Protective
    Case with Neck Strap for Wii U GamePad: The protective silicone case for the Wii U GamePad controller features a
    comfortable and shock absorbent design with access to all controls and ports. An adjustable neck strap is included for
    added support and protection. Balance Board Mat: Place your Wii Balance Board securely on the Balance Board Mat, made of
    a soft, anti-slip grip plastic material. Perfect for the Wii Fit, you can immerse yourself Wii Balance board workout
    safely knowing that you will not slide or fall easily as you would on a hard, bare floor. Balance Board Lithium Ion
    Battery Pack: Extend the length of your Wii Fit gaming sessions with the Balance Board Lithium Ion Battery Pack for the
    Wii Fit Balance Board. This rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack is specifically designed to fit in the Wii Fit Balance
    Board battery compartment. The LED indicators on the battery display the status of a charge, a red light for charging
    and a green light for a completed charge. To charge just insert the DC end of the cable into the DC jack of the pack
    then connect the USB plug into the USB port on the back of the Wii console, Computer or other USB power source. Silicone
    Sleeve: With the stylish silicone sleeve, you can protect your Wii Balance Board from the wear and tear of every day
    use. The soft silicone material acts as an absorbent to lessen the impact of steps taken on the Balance Board, which is
    sure to happen with active game playing. This sleeve has cut-out openings in areas that correspond with the bottom of
    the Balance Board and front switch/ LED indicator, allowing easy accessibility. Perfect for preserving your Wii Balance
    Board in mint condition as it was when first purchased, this silicone sleeve is a must have for every Wii Balance Board


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