DSi XL Jumbo Touch Pen Set - Black/White/Wine Red

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Product ID: 433630


  • Includes Three jumbo touch pen styluses, and Three Universal Styluses for the DS/DSi/DSi XL in three different colors
  • Easy to use and familiar shape
  • Comfortable
  • Comes in white, black and dark pink colors
  • With these jumbo Pen Styluses, you can use your DS/DSi/DSi XL touch screens to their fullest potential. The jumbo
    styluses acts to resist cramping in your hand as you play. Enjoy the comfort of using a normal sized pen with your
    DS/DSi/DSi XL. Since we include three pen styluses, even if you lose one, you still have two left, so you’re never with
    out the right gear for your DS/DSi/DSi XL adventures. The peace of mind that you have extra pen styluses make this a
    must have product for any DS/DSi/DSi XL owner. The Jumbo Touch Pen Set is very useful. We also include three traditional
    styluses for your convenience, giving a total of six styluses.