DSi XL Hand Grip

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Product ID: 433634


  • Easy to place DSi XL in and out of grip
  • Integrated Stand
  • Stores 2 game cartridges in controller grip
  • Full accessibility to buttons
  • Easy To Place In Dsi Xl & Remove
  • Comfortable Design
  • Lightweight
  • CTA Digitals DSi XL Controller grip with integrated game storage keeps your hands for cramping while playing the DSi XL.
    With extended use, Having a more traditional controller grip on a handheld system prolongs your gaming sessions. The
    controller grip for the DSi XL solves this problem. Racing cars, flying an airplane, riding a motorcycle, or playing
    your favorite platform game on your DSi XL can be a much more comfortable experience. With added comfort you can
    maneuver your way through games with precision. This controller grip gives the feel of using a console gaming controller
    as you use the DSi XL. When you need to rest your hands from all the intense gaming, you can prop up the grip to stand
    by using the integrated stand. Now you are ready game comfortably for longer.